Sponsor Policy

Advertisement Sponsor Policy

Welcome to SEEKHO YHA

Hope, You are doing good and everything is ok. This is to inform you that we have policy for different different promotion what you have to follow if you ask us for any kinds of promotion. Therefor read our policy carefully.

Backlink and Advertisement Sponsor Policy 

We are happy to make your backlink on our site and doing advertisement of your products or company but it must be clear to you that your website/product must meet following below given points.

1. It must be Education based site and it can be any types of education but site must follow the both google adsense policy and our website policy.

2. If your website belongs to blog website so it must have atleast 5 valuable and knowledgeable articles.

3. If you have any product what you want to be advertised so that product must be approved legally.

Refund Policy

Once any Advertisement or Backlink has done on our site and you have paid the amount so in that case, refund will not be issued.

For Advertisement:-

— Contact Us at seekhoyha@gmail.com

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