Role-Play Alternatives To Make Your Sex Life Steamy

Role plays make sex-making all more fun and exciting. With expert escorts, you can try a few of the following role-play alternatives to make your regular sex life spicier. 

Besides ridding you of the monotony of everyday sex, this can also help you realise your wildest fantasies. Here are a few role-play ideas that you can try with the best skipthegame escorts. 

Virgin Role Play

This is an interesting idea for you and your escort at the same time. In this role play, the escort plays the role of a virgin girl. And you, as her client, get to play the role of the person fucking her for the first time. 

The escort tries to be as inexperienced and naïve as possible and shrieks at almost every touch and push. She can even pretend to feel pain when you try to penetrate her. This entire act elevates your level of fun and excitement which finally you enjoy more than you usually do. 

This role play somehow brings back the memory and experience of your first sex and that keeps your hormones super-active. 

Cop-Lawbreaker Role Play

Imagine that you are a cop and your escort is a lawbreaker. Give her the role of someone who has broken a traffic rule and now, you will penalise her for it. In place of financial penalties, she would offer you good sex and you simply have to accept the offer. 

The moment you agree, the action begins. How fast or slow you need the intercourse to take place depends on you. Generally, considering the gravity of the situation, most people looking for quickie attempt this role play. 

It is fun-filled, exciting, sexually pleasurable, and to some extent rough. If bed-breaking, rough sex is on your mind, you can consider this role-play seriously. 

Teacher-Student Role Play

Another variety of popular role play remains the teacher-student role play. In this act, the escort generally plays the role of a strict high school teacher.  You, as her student, will be responsible for pretending to be someone less experienced and unaware of the ways of adult fun. 

In this role play, the escort will first seduce you using tricks like erotic talks, watching porn scenes, discussing female genitalia, and more. If you have long desired a desire kindling encounter with an escort for a long-lasting love-making process, this role play might satisfy you more.  

Alternatively, you can play the role of a smart schoolboy who is trying to sexually seduce her teacher for higher grades. It all depends on who you want to be dominating. 

Doctor Nurse Role Play

Doctor-nurse role play is probably the most tried one in this category. In this, the escort becomes the nurse and you need to pretend to be the doctor.  How the play will unfold will finally depend on your choice and preference. 

If you want the woman to take charge of the action, let the nurse seduce the doctor. Otherwise, you can be the one kissing, groping, and occasionally pressing the escort’s butt and vagina. 

If you want the escort to be the dominating partner, she will not leave any stone unturned to make you feel aroused and desperate for intimate intercourse. 

Recording A Porn Film Role Play

For more fun and excitement, try playing a porn video shooting act. In this play, place the video camera in a suitable position and get into action mode immediately. In this scenario, you do not have to build a story before becoming physically intimate. 

Since the entire act is about porn film shooting, you can simply start by taking off each other’s clothes. 

Now, you can go slow and start by touching, sucking, and kissing her before finally screwing her in different positions. Alternatively, you can be super-fast and bang her almost as soon as the camera starts rolling. is a reputed escort hiring agency where you will find a plethora of professional call girls from different races and backgrounds. 

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